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Capital solar panels cleaning

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Solar Panels Cleaning
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Capital solar panels cleaning

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Your Local Solar Care Professionals cleaning. Capital Solar Panels Cleaning is a Canberran Family owned. Servicing Canberra Region, Queanbeyan and surrounds. As specialists in Cleaning services, we pride ourselves in providing clients with professional service, guaranteed quality and the highest level of efficiency. Please see our 5 Stars Google reviews from our satisfied customers.

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Capital solar panels cleaning

Why Clean Solar Panels?

Bird droppings, build up dust, grime that covered on your Solar Panels can blocks the sunlight and reduces solar power system's output.

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1. To get the full potential of your Solar Panels. By cleaning your solar panels you can improve its performance. The research says if you regularly clean your Solar Panels you can get 25% higher efficiency than those who do not.
2. Life span will be extended. To prevent the damage from all the objects that settled on your solar panels.
3. Minimal the cost of repair. To maintain your Solar panels the best way is to keep them clean by the professional.

Rain water will not clean Solar Panels.

The good example is to look at your car windscreen. If you leave it without cleaning it, you can imagine how poor visibility it will be.

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Because rain contains dust particles that can be settled on the Solar Panels. And dust tends to accumulate over time and will be engrained and impacting output.

Why it's important to regular cleaning gutters and Why hire professional cleaning?

Blocked gutters can lead to internal and external damage to the structure.

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It can also increase the pest infestation inside of your home. If the gutters are working well you can keep away the cockroaches, termites and all the moisture lover pests. And you will also extend the lifespan of your roof.
The good reason to hire a professional gutter cleaner is because you don't have to risk doing dangerous work. We can get it done for you quickly and safely.

Roof Cleaning

Bird Proofing Solar Panels

Gutter Guard Installation

Why Choose Us!

Why choose Capital Solar Panels cleaning for your solar panel cleaning?

Chemical free
All staff fully vaccinated, trained
Public Liability Insurance
Certified to work safely at heights
Police checked
Support small local business
Deionize water System For BEST Result
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